Mission Shat Pratishat


  • The Punjab Education Department recently launched Mission Shat Pratishat to achieve 100 per cent result in classes 5, 8, 10, and 12 of government schools. The examination will be conducted by the Punjab School Education Board in another three months. The department has coined a slogan: “Asambhav Nu Sambhav Banaiye, Shatpratishat Natija Liyaiye’ (Make impossible possible and secure 100 per cent results).

When was Mission Shat Pratishat launched and what is the motive behind it?

  • The Mission Shat Pratishat was launched in September by the Punjab education department with the aim to further improve the results as compared to last year when the government schools had pipped their private counterparts in terms of pass percentage in the 10th and 12th board examinations by securing 76.49 per cent and 80.58 per cent, respectively.
  • The pass percentage of the government school students of class 10 and 12 had further improved to 85.66 per cent and 84.33 per cent, respectively, after moderation under which all the students were awarded extra grace marks. (Such a decision can be taken by the board authorities in certain circumstances).

What efforts are being made by the department at the ground to achieve this target?

  • Mission Shat Pratishat is a well thought of plan and is being executed in proper manner so that it yields the desired result, a senior education department official said.
  • First, the simplified material of each and every subject to make the teaching-learning process easy, interesting and effective, have been prepared by a team of dedicated teachers. Second, the e-content of syllabus for different classes as well subjects have been prepared. Third, to execute the e-content at the grass root level, the Smart Class Rooms have been set up in several government schools along with LED projectors and teachers have been provided the technical know-how to operate the system with the help of teams of Parho Punjab, Parhao Punjab.
  • Practical examinations for different subjects have been introduced. For instance, for English, practical examination will test listening and speaking skills. Audio clips are being provided to the school teachers for the purpose. Language Labs have been set up in schools. Practice Sheets have been provided to the students. For Social Studies, Wednesday has been fixed as “Map Day” to provide practical knowledge on the maps. There is a uniformity in the activities across the state.
  • Micro planning is being done. The progress report of each and every student is being analyzed. The subject wise list of each class is being prepared on the basis of three categories – students who have got less than 40 per cent, between 40 and 60 per cent and more than 80 per cent in in-house examinations. The progress is being monitored consistently and the plan is being devised to bring in improvement.
  • WhatsApp groups of teachers, students, and parents by different subject teachers have been formed to ensure proper coordination as well as sharing of good practices.
  • The teachers and students are being sensitised about the structure of the question papers through Edusat (Education Satelite). Model question papers have been prepared for every subject and students are being made to solve them.
  • The government school teachers have voluntarily been taking extra classes not only during working days but also on Sundays and holidays.
  • The officials of the education department, the Parho Punjab, and Zila Shikhiya Sudhar team members have been visiting schools to motivate, advise and remind the school heads, teachers and students of the goal.

Source: IE

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