Money spider discovered at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Money spiders, commonly found in European meadows, have been reported for the first time in the country from the Muthanga range of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Money spider 

  • The species is called so as it is “believed to bring luck” to the person who comes in contact with it.
  • The spider that belongs to the family of dwarf spiders ( Linyphiidae) under the genus  Prosoponoides.
  • It has been given the name  Prosoponoides biflectogynus.

    Money spider discovered at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    Photo Credit: Special Arrangement
  • Only six species of spiders belonging to this genus have been identified from across the world so far.
  • It is the first report of this genus from India and hence no extensive studies have been conducted on this species of spiders in the country.

About Salticidae

  • They have also discovered ant-mimicking spiders, belonging to the group of jumping spiders, from the Mananthavady range. They belong to the family of Salticidae.
  • The ant-mimicking spider has been named Toxeus alboclavus.
  • Only three species of this genus have been reported from India, and this is the first species reported from the Western Ghats.


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