More winter birds flock to Ernakulam’s wetlands


  • The year’s migratory bird season is in full swing and the latest visitors to the wetlands near the city include the charismatic greater flamingo and the Amur falcon.
  • On November 25, birdwatchers sighted the greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) wading in the shallow waters of a pokkali rice field at Kadamakkudy.

One of the most widespread

  • While the greater flamingo is one of the most widespread of the six species of flamingoes worldwide (it is seen across Africa, south Asia, the Middle-east and parts of Europe), the bird is a winter visitor to most parts of Kerala.
  • Amur falcons, which breed in Siberia, have been sighted in several spots across Kerala, as they make a final pit stop before flying over the Arabian Sea and into southern Africa to spend the winter there.
  • Greater flamingoes too had been spotted in other wetlands around the city before.
  • The birds have been recorded in the wetlands at Changaram and Kandakadavu during the migratory season.

Other Migratory Species:

  • Other migratory species that have been sighted in the area over the last week include the Siberian stonechat, Pallas’s grasshopper warbler, Eurasian marsh harrier, booted warbler and several species of sandpipers.
  • Birdwatchers and photography enthusiasts spotted a large migratory duck, the ruddy shelduck, in the same area.


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