MoUs signed between India and Bangladesh

– MoU on Defence Cooperation Framework.

– MoU between India’s Defence Services Staff College and Dhaka’s Defence Services Command and Staff College for Enhancing Cooperation in the Field of Strategic and operational studies.

– MoU between Dhaka’s National Defence College and India’s National Defence College for enhancing cooperation in the field of national security, development and strategic studies.

– MoU signed on cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.

– Agreement in peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

– Arrangement for the exchange of technical information and co-operation in the Regulation of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection.

– Inter-Agency agreement on cooperation regarding Nuclear Power Plant Projects in Bangladesh.

– MoU in the field of Information Technology and Electronics.

– MoU on cooperation in the area of Cyber Security.

– MoU on establishing Border Haats across India and Bangladesh border.

– MoU on Bilateral Judicial Sector Cooperation.

– MoU on Training and Capacity Building Programme for Bangladeshi Judicial Officers in India.

– MoU concerning cooperation on aids to navigation.

– MoU on Mutual Scientific Cooperation in the field of Earth Sciences for Research and Development.

– MoU and Standard of Procedures (SoPs) on passenger and cruise services on the coastal and protocol route.

– MoU on the development of Fairway from Sirajganj to Daikhowa and Ashuganj to Zakiganj on Indo-Bangladesh Protocol Route.

– MoU on cooperation in the Field of Mass Media.

Source: Financial Express

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