Mouse deer released in Amrabad Reserve

In a novel and unique initiative attempted anywhere in the country, the Telangana State Forest Department has re-introduced the endangered ‘mouse deer’ into the forests of Nallamalla in Amrabad Tiger Reserve.

  • The release of these mouse deer into the protected enclosure of 2.4 hectares is aimed at improving the biodiversity.
  • The Amrabad Tiger Reserve was chosen because these animals were earlier wandering in this area.
  • The deer will gradually be weaned-off externally supplied food. Afterwards if they get a clearing by the field biologists, they will be released from their enclosure into the wild.

About Mouse deer:

  • Mouse deer (also known as Spotted Chevrotain) is one of the endangered species.
  • It looks like weird mash-up of a deer, mouse and pig.
  • It is not considered true deer, but shares suborder with deer (Ruminantia).
  • It has its own family called Tragulidae. It is
  • Because of their small size they are smallest ungulates (large mammals) in the world.
  • It is found in deciduous and evergreen forests throughout India.
  • Also called “Jarini Pandi” in Telugu, their number has been decreasing at an alarming rate in recent years because of destruction of habitat and poaching.


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