Must Read News Articles – December 2

Important Articles

Delhi High Court reverses ban on combination drugs: Issue-Ban on 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs, & Drugs and Cosmetics Act

‘Don’t shut the door on jallikattu’: Issue-Jallikattu

Anthem redux: How it came back in play: Issue-The Supreme Court ruled that all cinemas in the country must play the national anthem prior to the screening of a film.

Health Ministry to file appeal, points to parallel plea in SC: Issue-Fixed dose combinations (FDCs) 

Imposed only reasonable restrictions, govt. tells SC: Issue-Demonetisation policy

We’re willing to wait for talks: Pak. envoy Basit: Issue-Heart of Asia conference

U.S. for closer defense ties with India: Issue-The National Defense Authorization Act 2017

Taxman says 85%, experts opine 83.25%:  Issue-Latest voluntary Income Disclosure Scheme

India’s first private moon mission next year: Note-ISRO’s proposed moon-lander mission – Chandrayaan 2


Patriotism by diktat: Issue-Supreme Court’s order that every cinema hall should play the national anthem before the exhibition of a film.

HIV: The self-test option: Issue-World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on HIV self-testing

Contours of a challenge:  Issue-Judiciary would be overreaching its authority.

The message from Amritsar: Issue-The Heart of Asia conference & a new phase in India-Afghanistan ties.

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