Must Read News Articles – December 6

Important Articles

Centre not to make singing of National Anthem compulsory in government schools: Issue-RTE Act and Constitution concerning National Anthem.

Horse racing not animal cruelty: Issue-SC: Horse racing per se is not cruelty, the Supreme Court said.

Proposal to amend law for cashless wage payments: Issue-Credit into bank accounts

Researchers adopt novel approach to drug discovery: Note-The aaRSs are vital enzymes that decode genetic information and enable protein translation


The heart of the problem: Issue-Heart of Asia & India and Afghanistan

Lessons from an intimate enemy: Issue-The substantive socio-economic rights Cuba put in place for its entire population

Comparing apples and oranges: Issue-National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to assign ranks to institutions of higher education and research (HE&R) in the country

The nowhere people: Issue-‘Refugee’ status in international law

How to deal with the demand shock: Issue-Monetary policy can be a part of the overall response—but it is perhaps the weakest policy lever available right now.

Why India needs a new Constitution: Issue-The current Constitution gives the government near omnipotent powers that are not consistent with a free society.

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