Must Read News Articles – December 7

Important Articles

Mongolia seeks support against China’s ‘blockade’: Issue-India & Mongolia Relations 

Pradhan moots Asian buyers forum to counter OPEC clout: Issue-Move towards a gas-based economy

TIFR discovery challenges theory of superconductivity: Note-Semi-conductivity in bismuth at around -273 C°.


Working with the right numbers: Issue-The 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Not Constitutional: Issue-Making playing of national anthem 

A layman’s lament: Issue-Banks charge us for insufficient funds in our accounts

The governance of Reserve Bank of India: Issue-Governance & RBI’s autonomy 

Project Europe moving to a defining year in 2017: Issue-A new band of leaders in Europe could potentially change the European Union 

Intellectual property vs competition law: Issue-The patent plague that it was meant to heal.


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