Must Read News Articles – December 8

Important Articles

RBI keeps base rate unchanged: Note-Lowers the Gross Value Added growth projection for 2016-17 to 7.1 per cent from 7.6 per cent.

SC seeks Parliamentary panel report on Lokpal amendments: Think-A Parliamentary Standing Committee report suggesting amendments to the Lokpal law.

Rural India hit most by cash crunch: Issue-Rural India and Demonetization.

‘Benefits of demonetisation to accrue in long term’: Think-The benefits of demonetisation would be felt in the long term and a short-term pain was expected.

Jumping robot to assist in earthquake rescue efforts: Note-An agile jumping robot developed by U.S. scientists who drew inspiration from one of the animal world’s best leapers could one day help in rescue efforts after earthquakes or building collapses.

Earth’s day lengthens by two milliseconds a century, astronomers find: Note-Earth Day 


The Reserve Bank of India’s big surprise: Issue-The Reserve Bank of India & Benchmark interest rates 

Demonetisation is for the long run: Issue-Rule-based capitalism 

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