Must Read News Articles – February 1

Important Articles:

Note ban a radical measure: CEA: Issue-Demonetisation 

SC rejects plea to stay jallikattu law: Issue-/Note-Tamil Nadu amendments in the Prevention of Cruelty Act of 1960 to allow jallikattu

Kathmandu meet to finalise SAARC budget, agenda: Note-SAARC

Reward States’ good fiscal show: Note-The Economic Survey recommended the Centre to incentivise good fiscal work by States 

CSO revises GDP growth for 2015-16 upwards to 7.9%: Note-Government has marginally revised upwards GDP growth for 2015-16 to 7.9 per cent from the earlier estimate of 7.6 per cent 

Economic Survey wants modification of FRBM Act: Issue- Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) 

Researchers employ laser light to speed up electronics: Note-The first definitive step to produce high-speed electronic devices that can operate one million times faster than modern electronics


Demonetisation’s long shadow: Issue-Demonetisation 

Drawing up a diet plan: Issue-The welfare challenge lies in providing assistance to needy households to ensure adequate diets 

This land is their land: Issue-The new land acquisition law

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