Must Read News Articles – February 20

Important Articles

Rail Bhavan, North Block spar after Budget merger: Note-Dividends from PSUs leaves Railways fuming.

Drones keep surveillance during polls in Odisha: Communication network do not work properly in the area.

Urjit Patel takes fresh guard, changes stance: Note-The RBI’s latest bimonthly policy 

Why Earth’s inner core doesn’t melt-Note-Earth’s Inner core

3D-printed biobots with ‘life’ created-3D-printed small, soft bio-bots


Upsetting a very fine balance: Issue-The transformation of the Supreme Court.

Speak in our own voice: Why India must keep charge of its bilateral engagement with its largest neighbour.

The growing importance of trade for India: Issue-Trade & the scope for efficient division of labour.

Escaping the middle-income trap: Issue-Nations, Resource economy or Inadequate Innovation, Reform, competitiveness for middle income country.


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