Must Read News Articles – February 28

Important Articles

India, China seek common ground on Afghanistan: Note-Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, India and China began to look for a “common ground” on Afghanistan 

Global studies on India’s air quality flawed: CPCB: Issue-Bodies such as WHO used ‘arbitrary’ conversion factors to measure pollutants.

Panel submits report on Tiruvannamalai project: Issue-Road widening will not affect flora and fauna

Impossible to stop upload of vulgar content: Google: Issue-Preventive profiling mechanism

Mapping dolphin proteins may benefit human health: Note-Mapping all the proteins found in the dolphin genome & a new way to treat some common diseases that affect humans.


The IS challenge: Issue-What India should and shouldn’t do to stop the group from striking roots among its young.

NOTA and the Indian voter: Issue-The perceived cynicism of voters against the political class seems exaggerated.

Seeing the light: Issue-The WTO dispute 

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