Must Read News Articles – February 4

‘Substantial progress in Manipur tripartite talks’: Issue-Manipur State government & demands of Naga body.

‘17.3 lakh new cancer cases by 2020’: Issue/Note-Non-communicable diseases in India

A 21st century find spotlights prehistoric rock art: Note-Edakkal caves.

Can’t compare U.S. vetting order with Indian Bill: Issue-Under the Citizenship Act of 1955

How many people withdraw ₨1 lakh a month from savings accounts?: A move towards digitization.

Reformist Budget unveiled: Budget 2017-18, coming at a time of global uncertainty, is a pragmatic, growth-oriented and smart policy statement


Tarred by the oil spill: Issue-The oil spill that followed a collision between two ships is both tragic and ironic.

Trade, Transit, Peace: Issue-Can Kashmir become the link between South and Central Asia?

No proof required: Issue-Budget 2017-18 is probably the most brilliant economic and political document since the path-breaking budget of 1991.

India in 10 years: Healthcare sector will see radical consolidation: Issue-Healthcare

India in 10 years: The beginning of a digital era of inclusive finance: Issue-Financial ecosystem that will extend the benefits of formal financial services to the masses


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