Must Read News Articles – February 8

Important Articles

‘1892 Cauvery pact an unequal bargain’: Issue-Cauvery Pact 

SC dismisses TN’s review plea on remission power: Issue/Note-Centre, not State, will have ‘primacy’ in deciding on remission of sentence.

Talks to end economic blockade in Manipur fail: Issue-Tripartite talks to end the over three-month-long economic blockade of a crucial highway in Manipur 


Pride as well as prejudice: Issue-The tribal bodies’ protest against reservation for women in local municipalities in Nagaland 

Time for upgrade: Issue-Changing character of conflict both along as well as within India’s borders.

Rehab for the balance sheet: Issue/Note-A centralised Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency (PARA) could help over-leveraged corporates and bad-loan encumbered banks.

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