Must Read News Articles – January 11

Important Articles

SC orders audit of 30 lakh NGOs: Issue-The Supreme Court & utilisation of Public Funds in NGOs

NGT panel to inspect major waste generators: Issue-The NGT & appropriate technical capacity to handle such huge quantity of waste.

Make solar rooftops mandatory: Issue-Solar panels on rooftops should be made mandatory 

Cash for land is just not done: SC: Issue-Victims of the Sardar Sarovar Project & Cash instead of land to farmers 

Effects of Endosulfan devastating: SC: Issue-Describing the effects of Endosulfan as “devastating,” 

India opposed to inclusion of ‘new issues’ in WTO: Note-World Economic Forum & The formal agenda of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level negotiations on liberalisation of global trade.

Benefits of demonetisation uncertain in long run: Issue-Short-term pain of the government’s demonetisation 

H1B visa reform to increase IT firms’ margin pressure: Note-H1B visa reform Bill — ‘Protect and Grow American Jobs Act’


Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?: Issue-General Bipin Rawat’s reference to Cold Start 

Mind the gender gap: Issue-Woman in the most remote parts of the country.

Reaching out to Africa: Issue-India-Africa Forum Summit 

Central To The Market: Issue-Long-term investments in social sector 

An autonomy policy: Issue-Demonetisation 

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