Must Read News Articles – January 12

Important Articles

Air pollution a national problem: Issue-pollution levels

Green tribunal orders test of cosmetics containing microbeads: Issue-/Note-The National Green Tribunal & microbeads

Talaq certificates issued by Chief Kazi has no legal sanctity, says Madras HC: Issue-‘talaq certificates’ (a certificate validating talaq as per Islamic Shariat) till further orders.

SC may hear plea on tax relief for political parties: Issue-Income Tax Act and Representation of the People Act.

World Bank cuts India’s FY17 growth forecast: Issue/Note-The World Bank Projection & slowdown in consumption and manufacturing 

NITI Aayog projects 8% growth rate: Issue/Note-NITI Aayog Projection on Growth Rate


The ordinance overreach: Issue-Enemy Property ordinances 

What we need to guard: Issue-/Note-Fundamental rights 

Should Hear Them: Note-It’s time parliamentary panels 

Rain shadow south: Issue-The failure of the northeast monsoon will impact the economy of southern India

Fifty days later: Issue-The first 50 days up & the achievements of the demonetisation exercise.

Missing the Asian tailwind?: Issue-India should review relations with neighbours, focus on the economy and join the One Belt, One Road to shape the ‘Asian Century’.

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