Must Read News Articles – January 16

Important Articles

Stay on hearing public appeals till polls: Issue-The Election Commission & hearing appeals filed by people before statutory bodies

Why can’t FM stations broadcast news, asks SC: Issue-World’s oldest democracy — dissemination of news.

‘Govt., industry must fight abuse of market power together’: Issue-Free trade and competition among businesses.

Market regulator tightens merger norms: Issue-SEBI aims to ensure wider public holding

It’s time to say ‘Irasshaimase’ to Japan: Issue-Infrastructure challenges in India.

‘We expect budget to boost employment’: Issue-The Budget & a roadmap for creation of job opportunities.

Epic Antarctic voyage maps seafloor to predict ocean rise: Note-In East Antarctica, 3,000 km south of the West Australian town of Albany, an ice shelf the size of California is melting from below.

India superbug resistant to available antibiotics?: Note-Antimicrobial drugs


Smoking e-cigarettes is injurious to health: Issue-The effect of e-cigarettes on tobacco 

From plate to plough: Growth amidst gloom: Issue-Agriculture GDP 

Water as a force for peace: Issue-The growing recognition of water’s strategic relevance reflects global developments

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