Must Read News Articles – January 2

Important Articles

‘Hoarded black money to be converted into cheaper loans’: Issue-Black money into cheaper capital for affordable housing, women’s health, the agriculture sector, and medium and small enterprises.

‘Demonetisation alters economy’s recovery path’: Issue-Demonetisation 

Packing food, drugs at a blistering pace: Issue-About 80 per cent of cold-form blister packaging is currently imported 


Playing the angles, with Russia: Geostrategic realignments

Not just about a quota: Issue-We need to educate children in schools about caste, ethnic, gender and regional diversities and have public policy interventions to make society more equal and fair.

The Middle Ground On Water: Permanent Water Tribunal needs supplementary institutions.

India’s interests tilt eastwards, it walks a new tightrope: Issue-India’s economic and strategic interests are hugely tied to the Indian Ocean, the 21st century’s theatre of huge rivalries. 

Expand partnership with US, limit rifts with China: Issue-India has a trade surplus with America


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