Must Read News Articles-March -1

Important Articles:

GDP growth pegged at 7.1%, belying demonetisation drag-Issue GDP & Demotization

Even hill stations will be hotter this year, warns IMD-Note-Temperatures forecast across the country

Governance survey: Bengaluru ranks 16 among 21 cities-Issue-Governance

Steps on to prevent forest fires-Issue-Forest Fires

New computer method may predict time of body clock-Note-A computer method called ZeitZeiger

Extremist forces delaying reconciliation: Sri Lanka

TRAI is now alive to some issues

Core sector growth slows-Issue/Note-Core Sector

Climate change harms hot spots of ocean life-Issue-Climate Chnage

Trouble springs up in the Arctic

Earth s first outer layer was single solid shell: Study-Note-Earth’s Outer layer


Getting the basics wrong-Issue-The idea behind a universal basic income

‘Time has come for ministers to not poke their nose in cricket-Issue-Cricket, the collegium system, and the constant need for the judiciary

Back on track?-Issue-India-China cooperation on Afghanistan could help bring bilateral ties out of the 2016 freeze

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