Must Read News Articles-March-2

Important Articles/Editorials

GDP figures suspect: Cong.-Issue/Note-GDP

River Ganga unlikely to be cleaned up by 2018-Note-Sewage treatment plants/NGT/River Ganga

Interceptor missile test successful_Note-Interceptor Missile

Arsenic in vein, a village atrophies-Issue-Social Infrastructure Issues

Nobody listens to our orders: Supreme Court-Issue-Police reforms

DRDO inks deal to make key alloy-Note-High Nitrogen Steel

‘Free trade should be fair too’-100% duty that India imposes on high-end motorcycles

War crimes committed in Aleppo: UN-Issue/Note-The United Nations Commission of Inquiry/Syria/Aleppo

India has a strong voice within World Bank group, says Georgieva-Note-Focus areas for India include renewable energy, smart cities

Trump calls for merit-based immigration system-Issue-Merit-based immigration system

12 killer superbugs on the prowl-Note-Superbugs which are resistant to antibiotics and threaten an explosion of incurable disease.

Ancient Celtic art uncovered-Note-Celtic art


Food on its own terms-Issue-Kerala needs a new politics if its economy is to adjust to rising food prices and a shrinking Gulf economy

Trolled into silence-Gender-based violence

Resilience reaffirmed-Note-Demonetisation effect on GDP is less than feared

Withering highs-Note-El Nino warming

Earthly matters-A single species, man, is deciding the fate of all others

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