Must Read News Articles-March-3

Important Articles:

India to attend Lahore meet on Indus Waters Treaty-Issue/Note-Indus Waters Treaty

Univs are places of debate, not violence, says President-Issue-No room in India for the intolerant Indian

Half of India-Bangladesh border fenced-Issue-to curb infiltration and smuggling of cattle and currency

NGT fixes norms for camping along Ganga-Note-NGT

Revitalising a language-Note-Kurukh is a tribal tongue that belongs to the Dravidian family

‘Kalvari’ test-fires anti-ship missile-Note-Kalvari, the first of the Scorpene submarines being built in India

Pakistan returns to SAARC, gets Secretary General post-Issue/Note-Pakistan and SAARC

Sweden to reintroduce conscription after 6 years-Issue-Security situation

Sri Lanka to co-sponsor UN resolution-Note-UN resolution at the ongoing Human Rights Council session

GST levy may go up to 40%, 4-slab structure to remain-Note-The Council moots raising the peak rate in the Bill to 20%


The right to choice-Note-The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill of 2014

‘Public procurement needs to be opened up’-Note-Country’s socio-economic needs and objectives

Campaigning on a budget-To keep election expenditure transparent and in check, the executive-legislature dynamic must be addressed

Are our campuses under siege?-The Right does not want education to be a catalyst for change. That explains the assault on public universities



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