Must Read News Articles-November 11

Important Articles from The Hindu/Indian Express

India slams World Bank process on Indus Treaty-Issue-Indus Treaty, India & Pakistan Relations.

Security features of the new Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 notes-Issue-Demonetization

Punjab law to stop sharing Ravi, Beas waters illegal-Inter-State Relations

Devise plan to monitor air pollution, says SC-Issue-Pollution

Brazilian free tailed bat fastest flying mammal

China launches pulsar test satellite

Editorials from The Hindu/Indian Express

The forgotten war-Internal Security

Making climate rules at Marrakech-Climate Change

Theresa May’s underwhelming visit-India and UK Relations

‘Reconciliation can’t be done in a few days’-Challenges, and the importance of a judicial mechanism that has the confidence of Tamils

The new colour of money-Economics and politics of this most recent demonetisation


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