Must Read News Articles – November 28

Important Articles

SC: Accept dying declaration of person with 100% burn injuries: Issue-In a significant ruling in criminal law

Expenditure by States on key sectors remains flat: Issue-14th Finance Commission recommendations

Committed to easing pain: RBI Governor: Issue-‘Logistics of removing 86% of notes in circulation is huge’.

China: In the shadow of eight dragons: Issue-China’s economic achievements are unparalleled in economic history.


Cuba after Fidel: The life of Fidel Castro, Issue-The high point of Cold War ideological hostilities of the 20th century.

The centralising instinct: Issue-Demonetisation presents an opportunity to refocus debates on Centre-State relations.

Demonetisation and its discontents: Issue-Measures to clean up black money 

The voice of the Third World: Issue-Fidel Castro was the mirror of Africa, Asia and Latin America’s aspirations.

Off the black mark: Issue-Demonetisation & economic growth.

Who can become an Indian citizen?: Issue-Citizenship Amendment Bill

Code of control: Issue-Religious freedom.

Walking with history: Issue-Fidel Castro represented both the highs and lows of twentieth century Left politics.

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