Must Read News Articles – November 30

Important Articles

Amid disruptions & uproar, Bill to tax deposits passed in Lok Sabha: Issue-Bill that seeks to tax money deposited in bank

Industries should use recycled groundwater: Issue-A Bill on groundwater management

SC agrees to hear co-op banks’ plea: Issue-Demonetization policy is well on its way to cripple the entire co-operative sector banking in rural, agrarian societies across the country

Mini-nukes pose a big threat: Issue-‘Proliferation of small nuclear weapons

AIIB driven by projects and not politics: Issue-India is an influential member of the AIIB 

Fitch lowers GDP forecast to 6.9% post cash crunch: Issue-The cash crunch caused by demonetisation and its impact on consumers and farmers 

Australia’s Great Barrief Reef sees largest coral die-off ever: Issue-Abnormal environmental conditions cause coral to expel algae and lose color.

ISRO drones help map disasters in north-east: Issue-Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to assess several regional problems, ranging from measuring diseased paddy fields to damage caused by frequent landslides, according to the space agency


Dashed expectations: Issue-Demonetisation can result in lower interest rates over the long run

A last chance for amnesty: Issue-The amendments to the Income Tax law

Securing a cashless society: Issue-With the current cash flow deficit

Bitter pills: Issue-Indian pharma industry

Long road to gender equality in India: Issue-Gender budgeting

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