Must Read News Articles-October 21

Important Articles:

WTO members stay committed to development: Issue-Food security & Doha Round (GS-3)

No need to panic, card holders told: Issue-The domestic payment gateway (GS-3)

At ease with the world: Issue- Economic and foreign policy (GS-2&3).

The Way Forward from Paris: Issue-Climate justice (GS-3).

Still waiting: Issue-GST.

PPP model can revive private investment: Issue-Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model (GS-3)

Pakistan warns India against breaching Indus Water Treaty: Issue-Indus Water Treaty. (GS-2)


Shifting the GST goalpost: Issue-GST Council , Tax rates, Manufacturing sector (GS-3)

Frames of reference: Issue-Triple Talaq (GS-1&2)

A vote on referendums: Issue-Participatory process of Indian democracy. (GS-2)

Myths about Israel’s security model: Issue- Security Issues (GS-3)

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