Must Read News Articles-October-24

Important Articles from The Hindu/Indian Express

Delay in justice delivery keeps investors away: Issue-Delayed justice delivery mechanism (GS-2).

India falls short in female literacy: Isssue-Education system -GS-2

Centre plans to link varsity autonomy to performance: Issue-Higher education institutionsNational Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)-GS-2).

Pranab to visit a crisis-hit Nepal: Issue-Nation’s anti-corruption body (GS-2).

John Key arriving as NSG buzz is back: Issue-Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) -GS-2.

India, Sri Lanka look at infrastructure partnerships: Issue-India-Sri Lanka Partnerships in areas such as transport, energy and infrastructure (GS-2).

World Bank must aid countries to manage shift away from coal: Issue-COP21 commitments (GS-3).

Higher subsidy for airlines connecting two regional airports: Issue-Regional connectivity scheme (GS-2).

Centre mulls tracking flights remotely at regional airports: Issue-Air traffic control (ATC) systems-GS-3.

From the lab: In study on survival, a surprise finding; new species :Issue-New Species (Prelims-2017)

Simply put: Demand for tribal status becomes louder in Assam-Issue-Tribal Rights (GS-1)

Editorials from The Hindu/Indian Express:

Making cities inclusive:  Issue-UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development-GS-3.

Stuck in the terrorism groove: -Issue-India’s Diplomatic Outreach (GS-2)

The Right To Self-Defence: Issue-International law and practice -GS-2.

With ill intent-Issue-Public Safety Act (GS-2)

From plate to plough: Not chicken anymore-Issue-Nutritional and Food Security (GS-3)

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