Must Read News Articles – October 26

Important Articles from The Hindu/Indian Express

T.N. opposes Centre’s stand on tribunal: Issue-Judicially review the Cauvery tribunal & Rule of law (GS-2)

Embraer probe will continue: Issue-Blacklisting policy-GS-3

Constitution Bench declines to go into Hindutva verdict: Issue-Hindutva or Hinduism is a “way of life” -GS-1

Reduced role for Centre in CBI appointment: Issue-Role of Centre in Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) -GS-2.


Playing on geopolitical chessboards: Issue-Redefine Indian foreign policy, BRICS-BIMSTEC , India-Russia Summit-GS-2

Solid Waste Management-GS-3


India inches up a notch in WB ease of business ranking: Issue- Ease of Doing Business 2017 report-Prelims -GS-3

Workplace gender gaps persist: WEF: Issue-Education -GS-2

Centre to nudge ‘laggard’ states on business reforms: Issue-Ease of doing business-GS-3.

Bankruptcy Code may take effect by Dec.: Issue-Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016-GS-3

Science and Technology

About 5 lakh TB patients contacted govt. clinics, still went untreated: Issue-World’s “missing” patients & sub-optimal TB care-GS-3.

Bird flu detected in Alappuzha: Issue-Avian influenza , H5N8 virus, H5N1-Prelims.

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