Mylapore Ponnusamy Sivagnanam

  • The Vice President of India, has said that the stories of great leaders like Shri Mylapore Ponnusamy Sivagnanam (Ma.Po.Si) should be taught in all schools.
  • He was addressing the gathering after releasing the autobiography ‘Enadhu Porattam’ on Ma.Po.Si at the commemoration of in 23rd Anniversary, in Chennai. 
  • The Vice President recalled the remarkable contribution made by Ma.Po.Si as a freedom fighter, a learned scholar of Tamil literature and great leader who forged a new identity for Tamil Nadu, Tamil language and Tamil Culture.
  • Ma.Po.Si’s literary expositions were immaculate and he delved into ‘Silappathikaram’ and helped spread the epic throughout Tamil Nadu.
  • His work on V.O Chidambaram Pillai, ‘Kappalottiya Thamizhan’ was so popular, it ended up becoming the great  leader’s sobriquet, he added.
  • Ma.Po.Si was a great chronicler of events, not only the biographies of legendary figures he admired but also of events that shaped India as we know today.
  • “Viduthalai Poril Thamizhagam” is a great compilation by him on the role of Tamilnadu in the Nationalistic movement, he added.
  • Ma.Po.Si was a staunch believer in strengthening traditional roots through extensive use of mother tongues, the Vice President said that he loved Tamil language and culture and gave the clarion call that resonated in every Tamil home. “Engum Tamil – Edhilum Tamil” meaning “Tamil Everywhere – Tamil Everything”.
  • The Vice President said that the need to preserve and propagate the best in our ancient literary and cultural heritage, the inclusive humanitarian approach to development, the care and concern for the common citizens and above all, recognizing the diversity and richness of each state within the national context are most relevant issues for each one of us even today.
  • The Vice President said that the strong humanistic thread that has been spun by the great visionary leaders like Ma.Po.Si can bring diverse people together to strive for a better future.
  • Our children should learn and understand the sacrifices made by the architects of this great nation and they should understand their teachings and draw inspiration from their lives, he added.
  • Ma.Po.Si a universal leader, the Vice President said that he did not discriminate between people based on anything, be it religion or caste or creed.

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