National Mission on Seabuckthorn


  • Seabuckthorn plant is popularly known as Leh berries.
  • The MoEF and DRDO have launched a major national initiative for seabuckthorn cultivation in the high-altitude, cold desert ecosystems.
  • The initiative is one of many conservation measures for fragile high-altitude ecosystems.
  • Seabuckthorn, also called the “Wonder plant” and “Ladakh gold”.


  • It has multi-purpose medicinal and nutritional properties, and also helps in soil conservation and nitrogen fixation.
  • Hardy, drought-resistant and tolerant to extreme temperatures from – 43º C to + 40º C, the plant has an extensive root system which can fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it ideal for controlling soil erosion and preventing desertification.
  • The initiative is a part of Sub-Mission on Cold Desert Ecosystems under the Green India Mission — which is a part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change.

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