National Sports University Bill, 2018


  • The National Sports University Bill, 2018 was recently passed by Lok Sabha.

Features of the Bill:

  • The bill seeks to establish a National Sports University headquartered in Manipur. 
  • The university, first of its kind, aims to promote sports education in the areas of sports sciences, sports technology, sports management and sports coaching.
  • It will undertake research on physical education, strengthen sports training programmes, and collaborate internationally in the field of physical education.
  • As per the bill, key powers of the university includes,
  1. Prescribing courses of study and conducting training programmes,
  2. Granting degrees, diplomas, and certificates,
  3. Providing facilities through a distance education system, and
  4. Conferring autonomous status on a college or an institution.
  • The central government will review and inspect the functioning of the University. 
  • It will maintain a fund which is contributed by the central, state governments, UGC, income from fees and others sources.
  • The government has signed an agreement with two Australian Universities to make the sports university a world-class institution.

Source:PRS India

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