National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing


  • To cater next-generation digital manufacturing and mitigate immediate disabilities of local industries, Union Minister of Electronics & Information Technology, Communications & Railways and Minister of State for Electronics & Information Technology and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship released a “National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing”.

About National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing

  • The national strategy would postulate the tenets of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ that advocate self-reliance through technological transformation of the production paradigm, which will be realized through a dedicated National Centre with the participation of all stakeholders.
    National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing
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    • This centre will act as an aggregator of knowledge and resources to accelerate technology adoption and advancement.
  • The sector specific Centres will also be created to infuse indigenous AM technology to offer Indian manufactures an edge over global peers.
  • The Strategy aspires to achieve 5% of Global AM market share and thereto add nearly US$ 1Bn to the GDP by 2025.
  • This will create eco-system for creation of nearly 100 new Start-ups, 10 AM sectors and 1 lakh new skilled manpower, besides, development of 500 AM products and 50 Indian AM technologies on material, machine, process and software. In addition, awareness for adoption of AM products to facilitate this growth will be created.
  • The Genesis of the National Strategy in India revealed by the government is to keep pace with rapid global manufacturing prowess. For this, India needs to adopt an integrated approach to additive manufacturing in all segments including defence and public sectors, especially within the nation’s small, medium and large-scale industries.
  • The National Strategy on Additive manufacturing (AM) will aim to create a conducive ecosystem for design, development, and deployment, and to overcome technical and economic barriers for Global AM leaders to set up their operations with supporting ancillaries in India, facilitating development of the domestic market and enhancement of global market share.
  • The key goals of the government include positioning India as a global hub for Additive Manufacturing development and deployment, create and protect the integrity of India’s AM intellectual properties. 
  • The mission is to ensure creation of a sustainable ecosystem for the AM industry to compete globally, encourage AM transformation and driving capabilities in the country for developing core competencies, position India as a global Innovation and Research hub for Additive Manufacturing, ensure AM manufactured end-user functional components for domestic and export markets, promote creation of Indian IPR and ensure adequate measures for the protection of AM technology.
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) has immense  potential  to revolutionize  India’s  manufacturing  and  industrial  production landscape  through  digital  processes,  communication,  imaging,  architecture  and  engineering. With the release of the Strategy by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Innovation and R&D ecosystem will be encouraged in PPP mode to transform existing research knowledgebase to develop Additive Manufacturing grade materials, 3D printer machines and printed indigenous products for vast domestic and international market in various sectors including electronics, photonics, medical device, agro and food processing etc.

Source: PIB & Business Today

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