NATRAX, Asia’s Longest High Speed Track Opens In India


  • India got the longest high-speed track in Asia in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

  • The Union minister of heavy industries and public enterprises inaugurated NATRAX i.e. National Automotive Test Tracks the 11.3km-long High Speed Track (HST) and said that India is destined to become a hub of automobiles and manufacturing and spare parts.


  • NATRAX is developed in an area of 1,000 acres of land and is claimed to be a one-stop solution for all sorts of high-speed performance tests for widest categories of vehicles from two wheelers to heavy tractor-trailers.

    NATRAX, Asia's Longest High Speed Track Opens In India
    Source: HT
  • The NATRAX centre has multiple test capabilities like measurements of maximum speed, acceleration, constant speed fuel consumption, emission tests through real road driving simulation, high-speed handling and stability evaluation during manoeuvring such as lane change, high speed durability testing, etc. and is a centre of excellence for vehicle dynamics.
  • Vehicles can achieve the maximum speed of 375km per hour on the curves with steering control and the track has less banking on ovals making it one of the safest in the world.
  • The central location of the track will help attract foreign Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)s as it will become more accessible for the development of prototype cars for Indian conditions. Currently, foreign OEMs go to their respective high-speed tracks abroad to test the speeding requirements.
  • Being the fifth largest in the world, the track can cater to a wide category of vehicles, from two wheelers to the heaviest tractor trailers.

Source; HT

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