NCST Protection of Jarawa Tribes


National Commission of Scheduled Tribes (NCST) has issued directions to the officials of A&N islands for taking strict action against those who upload inappropriate video films/ photos of tribal communities on You Tube.

About NCST:
The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has been set up under Article 338A to oversee the implementation of various safeguards provided to Scheduled Tribes under the Constitution.

Under which law is it a punishable offence?
A&N Administration has clarified that posting/ uploading of pictures/ videos of tribes of A&N Islands in any social networking sites is punishable with imprisonment upto three years as per Section 7 of the A&N (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Amendment Regulation, 2012 and also attracts Section 3 (i) ® of the SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989.

Objectives underlining the policy to protect Jarawa tribe:
Andaman & Nicobar Administration had issued Policy on Jarawa Tribe of Andaman Islands with the following objectives:

1. To protect the Jarawas from harmful effects of exposure and contact with the outside world.

2. To preserve the social organization, mode of subsistence and cultural identity of the Jarawa community.

III. To provide medical help to the Jarawas to reduce mortality and morbidity in case of their sudden affliction with diseases which their systems are unaccustomed to.

1. To conserve the ecology and environment of the Jarawa Reserve Territory and strengthen support systems in order to enable the Jarawas pursue their traditional modes of subsistence end way of life; and

2. To sensitize settler communities around the Jarawa habitat and personnel working for the protection and preservation of the Jarawas about the need to preserve this ancient community and to value their unique culture and life styles.

About Jarawa Tribe:
The Jarawas are an indigenous people of the Andaman Islands in India. They live in parts of South Andaman and Middle Andaman Islands, and their present numbers are estimated at between 250–400 individuals. They have largely shunned interaction with outsiders, and many particulars of their society, culture and traditions are poorly understood.

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