NEST Initiative launched by Indian Green Building Council


  • To promote sustainable and eco-friendly constructions in the domestic housing sector, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) of the Confederation of Indian Industry launched a rating and certification initiative ‘Nest’.

About the NEST initiative:

  • It is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly construction in the domestic housing sector.

    NEST Initiative
    Credit: The Financial Express
  • It would pave the way for individual house owners and the residential sector to adopt green building features in a big way to help bring down electricity consumption and water usage and create a healthy living space.
  • IGBC’s Nest framework and certification has been developed specifically for individual homeowners to help them reduce energy cost by 20-30 per cent and reduce water requirements by 30-50 per cent.
  • It aims to bring awareness and drive individual owners to build a sustainable home with no or meager additional cost.
  • It is aimed at controlling and limiting carbon emissions.
  • The move is toward achieving the country’s net zero goal by 2070.

Back to Basics

About Indian Green Building Council

  • It is part of the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) and was formed in 2001.
  • It is India’s Premier certification body.
  • The council offers a wide array of services, which include developing new green building rating programmes, certification services,and green building training programmes.
  • The council also organises the Green Building Congress, its annual flagship event on green buildings.
  • It is also among the five countries that are on the board of the World Green Building Council, discussing global issues at COP and similar global platforms.
  • The rating is based on six environmental categories, which include sustainable station facility, health, hygiene and sanitation, energy efficiency, water efficiency, smart and green initiatives and innovation and development.

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