New ‘chemputer’ system may revolutionize drug production


  • Recently scientists have developed a new method to produce drug molecules which use downloadable blueprints to easily and reliably synthesize organic chemicals via a programmable ‘chemputer’.
  • This the first time scientists are able to a synthesis of important drug molecules which can be achieved in an affordable and modular chemical-robot system called chemputer.
  • The objective of this program is to develop a general abstraction for chemistry that can be made universal, practical, and driven by a computer programme.

About Chempiler

  • Chempiler is the chemical recipes, run on a computer programme which instructs the computer how to produce molecules on-demand, more affordable and safely than ever possible before.
  • The researchers claim the ability to use a universal code will allow chemists all around the world to convert their recipe into a digital code.
  • This approach is a key step in the digitization of chemistry and will allow the universal assembly of complex molecules on demand, democratizing the ability to discover and make new molecules using a simple software app and a modular chemputer.

Source:Indian Express

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