New Family Planning Initiatives

New IEC campaign launched :

Mission Parivar Vikas:
  • “Mission Parivar Vikas will focus on 146 high fertility districts in 7 states with high TFR. Under this, specific targeted initiatives shall be taken for population stabilisation through better services delivery”.
  • Mission Parivar Vikas is a new initiative conceived by the Ministry with a strategic focus on improving access through provision of services, promotional schemes, commodity security, capacity building, enabling environment and intensive monitoring.
Antara & FP-LMIS :
  • The new injectable in the public health system under the “Antara” program and launched a new software – Family Planning Logistics Management Information System (FP-LMIS) – designed to provide robust information on the demand and distribution of contraceptives to health facilities and ASHAs to strengthen supply chain management. 
Conclusion Point for Mains: 
  • Population dynamics have a significant influence on sustainable development.
  • The changes in population growth rates and age structures are closely linked to national and global developmental challenges and their solutions.
  • The issue of population stabilization is so gigantic in its proportion that the government alone cannot address the issue and thus the collective involvement of NGOs, private sector and corporate sector shall play a pivotal role. 

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