New species found in Sikkim’s Dzongu


  • Recently, a new species found in Sikkim’s Dzongu, in north Sikkim the ‘land of butterflies’

About the new species found in Sikkim

  • The new species of butterfly, now named the Chocolate-bordered Flitter, also carries the scientific name Zographetus dzonguensis, after Dzongu in north Sikkim, the place where it was discovered.

    New species found in Sikkim
    Credit: TH
  • Its closest relatives are Zographetus pangi in Guangdong, and Zographetus hainanensisin Hainan, both in southeastern China, close to Hong Kong.
  • The physical appearance of the species differ slightly and the internal structures of the males also differ slightly.
  • Lepchas from Sikkim and Darjeeling were great butterfly catchers and good at naming them in our own language.
  • A place of historical interest near Dzongu called Blykovoo, which means “the land of butterflies”.
  • It’s legally protected in India under Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, which also protects iconic animals such as the Asian elephant and snow leopard.

Source: TH

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