New species of spider and millipede discovered


  • Recently, researchers have discovered a new species of spider from the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and a new species of millipede from the University of Calicut campus, Tenhipalam.

About the species of spider

  • Carrhotus tholpettyensis, the new species of spider was found from the moist deciduous forest of Tholpetty range of the wildlife sanctuary in Western Ghats, a robust biodiversity hotspot.

    New species of spider and millipede discovered
    Credit: TH
  • This nocturnal jumping spider retreats to hide under leaves during day time and comes out only in the night for feeding.
  • So far 287 species of jumping spiders are reported from India.
  • It has been named after the forest range Tholpetty from where it was collected.

New millipede

  • This new species, named as Delarthrum anomalans, belongs to the family Paradoxosomatidae, a group of minute millipedes.
  • These flat millipedes live under leaf litter. They hide beneath the soil during the span of the dry period and resurface only in the wet season
  • A total of 275 species of millipedes are reported from India till this day.

Source: TH

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