New technique developed to monitor coastal landforms

  • Indian Scientists have developed a remote sensing technique that uses satellite data to delineate between various coastal landforms like beaches, mangroves and marshes.
  • This method can help monitor and understand impacts of natural disasters as well as human activities on coastal ecosystem.
  • Distinguishing different landforms in coastal region remains a challenge due to their low lying nature, and absence of clear-cut boundaries between various landforms.
  • Scientists have used Object-Based Image Analysis to demarcate various landforms such as ridges, marshes, mangroves etc. surrounding the Krishna delta present on East coast of India.
  • This new technique deploys parameters like tone, texture, shape, context, proximity to the sea and height derived from satellite images for classification of landforms.
  • Combining the values of these parameters, a total of 11 landforms were given their peculiar characteristics and were differentiated.

Source: Hindubusinessline

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