Novel rubber like material-‘Thubber’

  • Scientists have developed novel rubber like material called ‘thubber’ which has high thermal conductivity and elasticity.

More Details on Thubber:

  • Thubber is an electrically insulating composite material that exhibits an unprecedented combination of metal-like thermal conductivity, elasticity similar to soft, biological tissue.
  • It consists of a soft elastomer with non-toxic, liquid metal micro droplets suspended within it.
  • This semi-liquid form allows the metal to deform with the surrounding rubber at room temperature.
  • When it is pre-stretched at room temperature, it stretches up to 6 times its initial length.
  • During this phase, liquid metal micro-droplets form into elongated pathways through which heat can easily travel through.
  • Alongside the material is electrically insulating.
  • In developing wearable computing and soft robotics, industries like athletic wear and sports medicine and in advanced manufacturing, energy, and transportation, thubber can be used.

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