• The wastes generated at the nuclear power stations during the operation in solid, liquid and gaseous forms are of low and intermediate radioactivity level.
  • These are planned to be managed at the site itself.
  • In this regard waste management facilities are planned to be set up at each of the sites. These wastes are appropriately treated, concentrated and subjected to volume reduction.
  • The concentrates are immobilized in inert materials like cement, bitumen, polymers etc. and stored in specially constructed structures located at the site under monitoring.
  • Typically, the quantity of low and intermediate level waste to be stored at site is about 0.15 cubic meters/year/MW.
  • The treated liquids and gases are diluted and discharged under continuous monitoring, ensuring that the discharges are well within the limits set by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).
  • The radioactivity level of the stored wastes reduces with time and by the end of the plant life, falls to very low levels.

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