Paris Agreement: 5 things you should know

With india formally joining the Paris Agreement on Sunday, here are five salient points about the deal:

1. Along with India, 62 countries responsible for almost 52 per cent of greenhouse gas pollution have signed the accord.

2. India, in its climate pledge — also known as Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) — submitted to the United Nations last October estimated a cost of $2.5 trillion for its climate-action plan.

3. India will ask developed countries to provide $100 billion per year in climate finance for developing countries at the climate talks in November at Marrakech. Only $2bn has so far been received.

4. Paris deal will only come into force 30 days after it is ratified by at least 55 countries that between them produce 55 per cent of global carbon emissions. After India, the European Union and Canada will likely ratify within a month.

5. Paris Agreement was adopted by 185 nations last year on December 12 and India signed it in New York on April 22 this year. A total of 191 countries have signed the Paris Agreement so far.

Source: The Hindu