‘Performance of India in Rio Olympics and way forward

Suggestions for better performance:

(i) Development of second and third strings of players

(ii) Revamp of existing coaching systems to bring them in sync with the latest and modern coaching methods and techniques being employed by countries who are in the forefront of winning medals in Olympic Games.

(iii) Supplementing coaching with good support personnel viz., physiotherapist, Doctors, sport psychologists.

(iv) Talent identification at sub-junior and junior level and nurturing and training them with the same commitment and passion as training and coaching the senior players.

(v) More academies in specific sports discipline need to be opened at State level.

(vi) Adoption of academies and sports persons by corporates for providing financial support under CSR.

(vii) Optimum utilization of the existing sports facilities.

(viii) Involving former Olympians and players in coaching assignments.

(ix) Extending the provision of reservation for sports persons in Group A and B posts also against the existing reservation in Group C posts only.

(x) Preparation and development of Coach-led athlete-centric training programmes.

(xi) Integration of sports with education.

(xii) Monitoring of the training programmes and performance of the sports persons.

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