Phyllurus fimbriatus found in Scawfell Island


  • Phyllurus fimbriatus, a new species of gecko, has been discovered on an uninhabited Scawfell Island of Australia.

About Phyllurus fimbriatus

  • The carnivorous reptile measures about 15 cm in length and has a spiny leaf-shaped tail and a beaky face.
  • The lizard was named the Scawfell Island leaf-tailed gecko due to the fringe of spines around its tail.
  • It has a V-shaped white stripe on its tail which is leaf-like.
  • The newly discovered gecko occupies a total area of less than 1 sq km and is found in the wettest, rainforest-covered, rockiest pockets of Scawfell.
Phyllurus fimbriatus found in Scawfell Island
Courtesy: ABC News

Master of camouflage: new gecko species found living among rocks on remote Queensland island - Australian Geographic

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About Scawfell Island

  • Located at Queensland, north-east of Mackay) is officially regarded as the beginning of the Whitsunday group.
  • The island lies and is a large horseshoe shape, with granite cliffs along the coast.
  • It is the largest national park island in the South Cumberland group, and is uninhabited.
  • Large areas of tropical rainforest cover steep mountain slopes.
  • There is a coral fringing reef.

About Queensland Island

  • Queensland Island is located in the North Eastern part of Australia.
  • It is the second-largest state and the third-most populous region in Australia.
  • The coral sea and the Pacific Ocean are to the east of Queensland island.

Source: ABC

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