Pink Supermoon


  • A supermoon is all scheduled to show up in the sky on April 7. It would be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2020.

Pink Supermoon

  • According to NASA, a supermoon takes place when a full moon is at its closest to the Earth.
  • When the full moon appears at perigee (closest point from the earth) it is slightly brighter and larger than a regular full moon — and that is what we call a “supermoon.”
  • They are called Supermoons because they are 7 per cent bigger and 15 per cent brighter, compared to an average full Moon.
  • The moon will not be originally pink in colour. It got its name from the pink wildflowers – Wild Ground Phlox – that bloom in the spring and are native to North America.
  • It is also called Paschal moon because, in the Christian calendar, this is used to calculate the date for Easter – the first Sunday after the Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday.


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