Pioneer 10 Mission to Jupiter


  • Known as Pioneer 10, the United States will launch the first satellite aimed at Jupiter, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently announced.

About Pioneer 10

  • Pioneer 10, the 250 kilo scientific probe will take nearly two years to reach its destination.

    Pioneer 10 Mission to Jupiter
    Credit: NASA
  • The fastest satellite ever blasted off towards a planet, Pioneer-10 will cover 800,000 kms. a day during the first week of its flight.
  • When it becomes “caught” by the pull of the gravity of Jupiter — 1,000 times more powerful than the earth’s — it will fly over the planet at 79,200 kms. an hour, towards the end of next year.
  • After that, Pioneer-10 will travel indefinitely through the inter-stellar world in a straight line. During the four-day over flight of the yellow-orange, grey-blue planet,
  • It will study Jupiter’s magnetic fields, the atmosphere, and the radiation belts.
    • NASA estimated that these radio-active belts were 1,000,000 times more intense than Van Allen’s rings around the earth.
  • The Pioneer-10 probe will be one of the great “Firsts” in the cosmos, if everything goes according to NASA’s plans.
  • It will give mankind the first-ever information on the hidden face of the planet which is now 800 million kms. from the earth.

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