[Places in News] MV Wakashio Oil Spill


  • In an unfortunate event, a Japanese bulk-carrier ship MV Wakashio which was carrying fuel oil has split into two parts near Blue Bay Marine Park in south-east Mauritius, also designated as a Wetland of International Importance by Ramsar Convention

Key Details

  • The bulk carrier MK Wakashioran aground on a coral reef off the south-eastern coast of Mauritius.
  • India has sent technical equipment and a team of specialists to Mauritius to help local authorities deal with an environmental crisis.
  • The oil spill is threatening the coastline of Mauritius and the marine life of Indian Ocean, endangering coral reefs, seagrasses in the shallow waters, mangroves, the fishes and other aquatic fauna.
  • Animals species like Giant tortoises, endangered green turtle, and the critically endangered Pink Pigeon are equally endangered.
  • According to International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution, 2001 (also known as BUNKER convention), the vessel owner is responsible for the damage caused due to oil spillage.

Also, in News: Recently, Russia declared a state of emergency in its Krasnoyarsk Region after a power plant fuel leaked causing 20,000 tonnes of diesel oil to escape into the Ambarnaya River. (Covered in detail in our Previous CAD).

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