Platyceps josephi : A new species of snake


  • An international team of researchers has discovered a new species of racer snake named Platyceps josephi from Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu and also solved a naming confusion that existed for nearly two centuries.

About Platyceps josephi

  • The new species named Platyceps josephi (after late herpetologist Naveen Joseph), has distinct white bands on its body and irregular white spots on its head.

    Platyceps josephi
    Source: The Hindu
  • Less than a metre in length, it is a non-venomous terrestrial snake, so far only known from Tamil Nadu.
  • Its diet chiefly consists of geckos, lizards and small rodents.
  • The species faces a number of threats across its distributional range, including habitat destruction, because the grasslands in southern Tamil Nadu are being actively converted into plantations, farmlands and urbanisation.
  • The species’ ability to adapt and its reproductive success is not known.
  • IUCN: Vulnerable

Source : The Hindu

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