Plea for renaming India as ‘Bharat’


  • Recently the Supreme Court has sent a petition seeking renaming of India as Bharat for the Centre’s consideration.
  • The plea said the name ‘India’ was derived form ‘Indica’ which is a Greek word and its time that the country should be recognized with its “original and authentic name” which is ‘Bharat’.

Details about the Petition

  • The petitioner sought an amendment to the Article-1 and referred to the Constituent Assembly debates that made a strong pitch for the adoption of Bharat and not India.
  • The removal of the English name will instill a sense of pride in our own nationality, especially our future generation.
  • It will also justify the hard fought freedom struggle by our forefathers.

About the Constitutional Facts on Bharat

  • Bharat and India are both names given in the Constitution.
  • According to the SC, India is already called ‘Bharat’in the Constitution.
  • Article 1 describes India, that is, Bharat as a ‘Union of States’ rather than a ‘Federation of States’.
  • The territory of India shall consist of: The territories of the states, The Union territories and Any territory that may be acquired in future.

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