Polystoechotes punctata


  • A rare species, Polystoechotes punctata once common but thought to be extinct in the eastern U.S. for decades, has been rediscovered loitering at a Walmart.

About Polystoechotes punctata

  • The giant lacewing, or Polystoechotes punctata, is a large insect from the Jurassic Era.
  • It was once widespread, but mysteriously disappeared from eastern North America sometime in the 1950s. Polystoechotes punctata
  • Scientists suspect the disappearance may have been due to pollution, artificial light, non-native predators or a number of other factors.
  • That Arkansas Walmart is located in the Ozark Mountains.
  • The rediscovery of the Polystoechotes punctata in Arkansas in 2012 was a significant event for entomologists and conservationists.
  • The specimen was found by a group of researchers from the University of Arkansas who were conducting a survey of insects in the region.
  • The discovery has sparked a renewed interest in the species, with scientists hoping to find more specimens and learn more about the insect’s habitat and behaviour.
  • The discovery of the Polystoechotes punctata in Arkansas has led scientists to speculate that there may be a population of this species in remote parts of the Ozark mountains.
  • The Ozarks, which cover parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, are known for their rugged terrain and remote areas that have not been extensively surveyed. Scientists believe that these areas could be home to a population of the giant lacewing.

Source: BBC

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